Our mission transform energy in motion respecting the environment.
Our commitment creates value without become poor the nature.

The Group’s commitment to limit he environmental impact of its products, both in the production and operation has been for years the basis on which they were designed a new series of our electric motors.

We were among the first to put on the market, and to make available at our stock , the series of high efficiency IE2 and IE3, in advance of the applicable European legislation in force IEC 60034-30.

The effort made by the Group for the environment is generated by the awareness that everyone regardless of the industry in which we operate we must use all that new materials technology and design make us available to reduce the environmental impact of production cycles and the products that we put on the global market.

Improve the efficiency of electrical motors means reduce the energy consumed and reducing significantly the amount of CO2 discharged into the environment and at the same time reducing operating costs.

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