Our mission transform energy in motion respecting the environment.
Our commitment creates value without become poor the nature.

The Group’s commitment to limit he environmental impact of its products, both in the production and operation has been for years the basis on which they were designed a new series of our electric motors.

We were among the first to put on the market, and to make available at our stock , the series of high efficiency IE2 and IE3, in advance of the applicable European legislation in force IEC 60034-30...
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  • A skilled and professional
  • international team

SimoTop, is specialized in asynchronous three-phase electric motors' production , from 200Kw up to 800Kw, from 185Kw up to 1600Kw in medium voltage and in DC from 2,2Kw up to 1534Kw.

The electric motors distributed by Simotop Group Spa are manufactured in compliance with the most important international standards, like IEC, NEMA and GOST. The manufacturers are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 and the electric motors are certified CSA, UL, CE, CCC and according to other international standards. Efficiency levels are IE1, IE2 and IE3.Read more...

The Company has been realized by the idea of two of the most important International manufacturer of electric motors, Shanghai Top Motor Corporation Ltd and Simo Import & Export Corporation Ltd. Shanghai Top Motor Corporation Ltd, with the brand Techtop, is specialized in asynchronous three-phase electric motors' production, from 0,06Kw up to 375Kw.

Simo Import & Export Corporation Ltd, importante produttore di motori elettrici con il brand



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