The wide range of electric motors manufactured by the Group has been developed with a great attention to environment,to innovation and to international standards.


Medium-Sized D.C. Motors (Motors of central height 355-710mm), which performance, overall and mounting dimensions and the technical specifications are all conform to JB/T9577-1999 standard and IEC standard as well. All the mechanical sizes, tolerances conform to ISO standard.
The motors are widely used in such industries as industrial rolling mills, metal-cutting machines, paper making, dyeing, printing, cement and plastic-pressing fields.
The advanced designs are adopted on the motors. Multi-angle laminations are used for the stators to make the best use of the space, having such advantages as small volume, lightweigth and good performances. The magnetic yoke of the stator, magnetic poles and the armature cores are made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet of good quality, having good magnetic conductibility.
The stators and rotors are treated with solvent-free varnish by means of vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) to make the windings possess good anti-moisture capability mechanical strength and good insulation and capability of heat transmission. The rolling bearings are used in the motors and the motors can be re-lubricated at running state. H-class insulation is used for the motors.
The motors cannot only used D.C. generator sets as their power supply but are also more suitable for static rectifier with lower rotational inertia and dynamic performance and can withstand higher ratio of load variations. They are especially suitable for the controlling systems where the somooth speed governing, high efficiency, automatic static speed and sensitive reflection are needed.

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